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This cookbook simplifies setting up services using Monit.


Custom Monit configuration template

Create a configuration template in your cookbook my_cookbook/templates/default/monit/my_service.conf.erb:

check process <%= @service_name %>
  matching '<%= @cmd_line_pattern %>'
  every 1 cycles
  start program "/bin/bash -c 'exec <%= @cmd_line %>'"
    as uid <%= @user %> as gid <%= @user %>
  stop program "/usr/bin/pkill -u <%= @user %> -f '<%= @cmd_line_pattern %>'"
    as uid <%= @user %> as gid <%= @user %>

In my_cookbook/recipes/default.rb:

my_service_name = '...'
command_line = '/usr/local/bin/my_service_executable --port 3456'

monit_wrapper_monitor my_service_name do
  template_cookbook 'my_cookbook'
  template_source 'monit/my_service.conf.erb'
  variables cmd_line: command_line,
            cmd_line_pattern: command_line,
            user: user

monit_wrapper_notify_if_not_running monit_service_name

monit_wrapper_service my_service_name do
  subscribes :restart, "monit_wrapper_monitor[#{my_service_name}]", :delayed
  subscribes :restart, "monit_wrapper_notify_if_not_running[#{my_service_name}]", :delayed
  subscribes :restart, "package[#{my_service_name}]", :delayed

Launching and monitoring a process with an existing init

If you have a service with an existing /etc/init.d script, you can use this cookbook to create a Monit configuration file to monitor that service. This makes use of the default Monit configuration template this cookbook provides.

my_sevice_name = 'my-service'

monit_wrapper_monitor my_service_name do
  action :create
  pattern '...'

monit_wrapper_notify_if_not_running my_service_name do

monit_wrapper_service service_name do
  subscribes :restart, "package[#{service_name}]", :delayed
  subscribes :restart, "monit_wrapper_monitor[#{service_name}]", :delayed
  subscribes :restart, "monit_wrapper_notify_if_not_running[#{service_name}]",


Apache License 2.0

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monit_wrapper A wrapper around Monit making it easier to monitor services 3.4.0